Lightbox Photography

10 Best LightBoxes and how to Lightbox Photography

Lightbox photography is a way to showcase your products or any item really, on a smaller scale. Many photographers like…

Do DSLR Cameras Need Servicing?

Do DSLR cameras need servicing? This is a question that many photographers have asked themselves at one point or another….

10 Best SD Card Readers for Photographers

You know how annoying it gets when you have a bunch of files to transfer to your computer or smartphone…

What Is a Viewfinder on a Camera? Everything You Need to Know

A viewfinder is a device that allows photographers to see what will be captured in the photograph. The viewfinder is…

Do Film Cameras Need Batteries?

Do Film Cameras Need Batteries?

You can still find film cameras in some photo shops, but they are becoming a thing of the past. Do…

can you take a picture without a lens

Can You Take a Picture Without a Lens?

As a camera expert, I get a lot of interesting questions. One most recent question a newbie to the photography…

Do DSLR Cameras Have Digital Zoom

Do DSLR Cameras Have Digital Zoom?

Do DSLR cameras have digital zoom? Yes and no. Digital zoom is a function of the camera’s sensor, not the…

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